Best Credit Score Sites: Top Essential Monitoring Tools You Need

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Best Credit Score Sites Review

Trying to get your credit score for free isn’t easy these days, as most monitoring services want to charge you big time. Over the past several years, free options have emerged. You may be familiar with some, however with all of the different possibilities it’s tough figuring out which are the best credit score sites.

Credit scores are a vital part of the loan application process. Lenders use these scores as a way to gauge a prospective borrower’s financial trustworthiness.

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Unfortunately, getting your hands on your credit score can be a bit of a challenge. This is especially true if you’re attempting to obtain it through a major credit bureau.

However, you might be pleased to know that you can view your credit score for free through a number of different websites. Here are the top 7 sites to use to find your credit score.

Find Your Credit Score With These Reliable Credit Score Websites

1. WalletHub

WalletHub is one of the best credit score sites and the only site on the web which updates your credit score on a daily basis. Monitoring your credit all hours of the day, it provides up-to-date scores whenever you’re looking for them.

Unlike with many such sites, WalletHub offers all of its features free of charge. After a quick sign-up, you will have access to credit scores, credit analysis, learning tools, and much, much more. You are entitled to as many free credit checks as you desire.

The one true downside of WalletHub is that it only offers one type of score: the TransUnion VantageScore. However, for monitoring purposes, this one figure should suffice.

All in all, WalletHub is the best free credit score site around. Requiring no credit card, it’s powerful, efficient, and effective.

2. Credit Karma

Like WalletHub, Credit Karma offers just one type of membership. The Credit Karma membership is free and loaded with features. These features include credit monitoring, learning tools, and complete credit reports, to name a few.

This site updates credit scores on a weekly basis, and offers up to two full reports over a calendar year. For the most part, these scores are accurate, usually falling within a ballpark range.

It makes use of two different credit scores: the TransUnion VantageScore and the Equifax VantageScore. These scores aren’t considered as seriously as FICO credit scores, but they still provide a decent estimate.

Credit Karma, clearly one of the best credit score sites requires no credit card for sign up, making it available to anyone who’s in need of a score.

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Another site you can use to find your credit score is This site offers both basic and upgraded memberships. In fact, you can obtain a basic membership free of charge, upgraded memberships require a monthly payment.’s free plan offers credit scores on a monthly basis. In addition to these credit scores, it also offers some basic monitoring capabilities. The updated plan offers full credit reports, and quite capable of very detailed credit monitoring. offers two scores: the Experian National Equivalency Score and the Experian VantageScore. Because it provides two different scores, it allows you to get a better idea of your standing with different organizations.

Possessing a user-friendly interface, this too is one of the best credit score sites and is exceedingly easy to navigate. If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward, is the site for you.


4. LendingTree

LendingTree is a simple and straightforward site which you can use to find your credit score. Requiring no credit card for sign-up, this site is another best free credit score site that can be utilized by anyone.

When compared to other sites on our list, LendingTree possesses few features. However, it does have the ability to monitor your credit over time, making recommendations along the way.

It should be noted that this site doesn’t provide any credit reports. Because of this, it won’t be able to explain what is and isn’t affecting your credit.

This site makes use of just one credit score: the TransUnion VantageScore. While this is not the credit score considered by most lenders, it still offers a decent estimate of your score.

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5. Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame offers two different types of accounts: basic accounts and upgraded accounts. While basic accounts are available free of charge, updated accounts require you to pay a monthly fee.

The basic account offers one free credit score check. With a free account, credit scores update monthly. There are no credit reports provided to those with basic accounts.

The upgraded account offers three credit score checks and three credit reports. With a paid account, you will receive credit updates each and every day. The upgraded account also provides a bevy of additional features, including simulation tools and real-time credit monitoring, to name a few.

This site makes use of just one type of credit score: the TransUnion VantageScore.

6. Quizzle

Quizzle is a fairly basic, but effective website you can use to find your credit score. Supplying both basic and upgraded accounts, it offers everything from credit scores, to credit reports, to educational tools, and more.

This site offers one standard VantageScore, offering you a decent estimate of your current credit score.

A basic account with Quizzle will provide you with a free credit score check every three months. However, with a basic account, your score will only updates every 6 months.

An upgraded account, on the other hand, will provide you with a credit score and credit report every month. In addition to these, an upgraded account will also supply you with a number of credit education tools.

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7. Wise Piggy

The last site we’ll review is Wise Piggy. This site offers only one sign-up option; a free option which includes everything from credit score checks, to learning tools, to credit monitoring.

With Wise Piggy, you receive score updates every month. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any in-depth credit reports.

It offers only one type of score: the TransUnion VantageScore. While this score isn’t used by most lenders, it still provides a good ballpark estimate of your FICO score.

In summary, Wise Piggy another of our best credit score sites is a solid website which is very easy to use. If you’re just looking to check your credit score on occasion, it will accommodate you.

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  1. Patrick,

    Wonderful article on the best credit score sites available. I didn’t realize there were this many.

    You do a fantastic job of explaining each clearly and simply. Makes it very easy for anyone interested in a credit card score website to pick one to use.

    It’s kind of interesting. We hear numerous times a year how someone hacked into a system and got all kinds of credit card or other potentially sensitive financial data on millions of folks.

    BUT I’ll bet most people are like me and only have a general idea of what my credit score is.

    I know it’s pretty good but the only time I really find out is when I want to buy a big ticket item!

    Thanks for the great resource.

    Mat A.

    • Mat A.

      There are a lot of free credit score sites out there to help you monitor your score.  All it takes is a few minutes to sign up and your done.

      Consumers need to be a little bit more vigilant these days as there are more and more system breaches occurring each and every day.

      Monitoring what’s going on with your credit accounts and keeping a close eye on your score can help provide early warning signs that your personal financial information has been hacked.

      Everyone should have a look at this post, pick a provider and take advantage all the free helpful information that’s available.


  2. Hello Patrick!

    You’re right that it’s important to check your credit score.

    I’ve had more than one occasion where I was able to dispute something false and have it removed.

    An error can make your credit score go down so much! 

    It’s important to make sure everything there is accurate, so when you have something you want to use your credit for, you’re able.

    Great article.

    • Thanks Tiffany.

      With all of the fraud and system hacks, every consumer should be monitoring their credit score.

      When you check your credit score on a regular basis, you can head off reporting errors or fraudulent activity on your account.

      This post details several credit score monitoring websites that I believe are the best credit score sites available to help consumers monitor their credit status. Many of these sites services are free.

      Hi highly recommend them. The services they offer are excellent tools to help you keep track of your credit 24/7.

  3. What a great article!

    Thanks for posting that. What an interesting read, and very useful info!

    Credit is so important. I’m always telling my guys too. They be like yea yea, but I hope they listen! 

    I was just speaking with a lender the other night and he was very interested in this info. 

    Gotta keep the score sky high and pile stacks to the ceiling fan! That’s what we ALL want.

    That’s just my two cents. Thanks again for the great article! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your future content!

    • My pleasure.

      There are a lot of credit score sites out there now where you can get your credit score for free.  I thought it would be kind of nice to put them all in one spot.

      If the lender you were talking to is not aware of this info, then this is the perfect article for him.  Informed consumers generally have I good idea what their credit score and credit history is before he even runs credit on them.

      He might suggest to his borrowers to check out these free sights before applying.  It’s better to be armed with with the knowledge of your current financial state before applying for any credit.

      All the best. 

  4. Hey Patrick, 

    Thank you for this information.

    Actually I was wondering if there was a better option for Credit Karma. I’ve been having a great experience with them, but figured I would see if there was something available with the three scores.

    Based on what I’m seeing i’m sticking with credit karma, I can vouch that they have been very accurate with my credit score and have informed me right away every time I ran my credit, thanks for the insight.

    • Victor,

      This post has tons of options if you want to find the best credit score monitoring site.

      I’m glad you’re satisfied with Credit Karma. It’s a terrific credit score site and provides a lot of options for free.

      WalletHub is also a great source, as all there services are free. So, you may want to check them out as well and compare each to see which one provides the better service.

      Either way, there are more tools available today to help you monitor your credit.  You can’t lose with any of the choices provided in this post.

      Best of luck.

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