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If you’re going to use a credit card you should have the absolute best. The truth is credit card companies are making a fortune off of your transactions.  Savvy consumers need to make sure they are receiving the best value in return. The best platinum credit card will allow you rewards and luxury that commensurate with your lifestyle.

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But as with all financing offers it can be difficult to know what the best offers are. Credit card agreements are often confusing to customers on purpose so picking the best match is a chore.

We can help. In fact, we’ve put together a list of the best platinum cards to help you find the perfect match.

So let’s take a closer look at what’s available:

Chase Sapphire

When selecting a platinum card it’s important to recognize the big picture. Chase Sapphire eliminates many of the hidden fees of a traditional card.

You may pay an annual fee, but it will save you on foreign transactions. There aren’t foreign transaction fees with the Sapphire.

The card was named Best Credit Card for Flexible Travel Redemption Kiplinger’s Personal Finance in 2016. For a $95 annual fee (waived in year 1) you get 50,000 bonus points, double qualifying points, and no penalty for point transfers.

American Express Platinum

For the busy urban professional, American Express may have the market locked. As a result, they boast a bigger annual fee than Chase but bring along a slew of rewards.

This includes $200 in Uber rides and VIP status with the car service. You also get a credit for the pre-screening application for Global Entry or TSA Pre.

Plus while you’re at the airport, you can relax in the AmEx Lounge Collection.

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Citi Prestige

Citi also provides some exceptional service for travelers. In fact, they offer a $250 Air Travel Credit that is automatically applied to flight-related expenses charged to your card each year.

If you are going someplace, you can stay on the house too. Furthermore, reservations made through the Citi Concierge service come with the 4th night free.

Their Concierge service is staffed with trained experts who offer 24/7 assistance with travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Your fee covers a virtual travel assistant with this service.

Beyond the Best Platinum Credit Card

For many, the American Express Black Card is the ultimate symbol of an exclusive card. The Black Card traditionally associated with celebrities and success, represents the true mark of status.

But don’t let the marketing and branding fool you. Some feel there are better options out there.

With an annual fee of $10,000, many are wondering if the rewards are worth the expense. The best platinum card should offer you benefits that are important to your lifestyle and business.

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Make The Best of Your Credit

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Don’t wait another day to use the best platinum credit card. Let us help you work your way to a debt-free life.

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