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Credit Monitoring

Highest Rated Credit Monitoring Services: 7 Easy Ways To Get Control

Get Control With the Highest Rated Credit Monitoring Services If you’re planning on applying for a loan or credit card, creditors are going to check your credit. That’s why it pays to have one of the highest rated credit monitoring services.  This way you can keep up to speed on your credit rating.  This is also true if you’re planning on renting a house or apartment. Many employers are also checking a person’s credit before hiring them. Often you can be the victim of identity theft without even knowing it. As a precaution, it benefits to watch your credit and Read More…

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Current Credit Card Scams: 5 Key Things You Absolutely Must Do

Current Credit Card Scams – The Top 5 Ways to Avoid Them Are you nervous about all of the current credit card scams being reported in the news?  Ever receive a call from your credit card company about fraudulent charges or noticed unidentified charges on your account? It’s a scary deal but even scarier is the fact that there are many schemes nowadays that let thieves steal your money without grabbing the card. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reported how the first half of 2017 held the most number of data breaches for any half-year period. If that’s not alarming enough, Read More…

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Credit Bureau Hack: Follow These Super Easy Tips To Safer Credit

Everything You Need to Know About the Recent Credit Bureau Hack Back in September, Equifax admitted that hackers had stolen personally identifiable information from millions of customers. News stories lacked a distinct understanding about how it happened and what we should do next. Although it has fallen out of the news cycle, the most recent credit bureau hack is still relevant. If this is the first you’ve heard about it or you’re still not sure what the Equifax breach means for you, then you need to keep reading. Your privacy, credit, and your financial future may be at stake. What Is Read More…

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Freeze Equifax Credit Report: Should You Freeze Your Credit Report?

Freeze Equifax Credit Report: When Is It A Good Time To Freeze Your Credit? Having your identity stolen is an awful situation, particularly with the recent Equifax data breach.  If a hack of your credit information occurred you may be at risk. In addition, the process of getting your name cleared up is long and difficult. It can take several months or even years to fix the situation.   As a result, you often end up feeling as though you’re the criminal, not the victim. Freezing your credit report can be an excellent option for preventing identity theft or protecting yourself Read More…

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Credit Protection

Equifax Free Credit Report Freeze: Key Essentials You Need To Know

Do You Need an Equifax Free Credit Report Freeze? The news of the Equifax data breach struck fear into everyone, and rightly so. Social security numbers, dates of birth – someone out there has it all. Overnight, a little-known identify theft prevention strategy became common knowledge – credit freezes. With Equifax offering free credit freezes, it seems like a perfect opportunity to protect yourself. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Here are some things you need to know about an Equifax free credit report freeze: How a Credit Freeze Works A credit freeze blocks anyone from accessing your credit. This Read More…

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Theft Protection

What Is Identity Theft Protection – A Quick Guide To Keep You Safe

What Is Identity Theft Protection The idea of identity theft is scary, but we usually don’t think about it. It’s something that probably won’t happen to me, right? Well, 6.5 percent of American consumers were affected by identity theft in 2016. That means it’s not likely, but still very possible. It’s a good idea to understand what is identity theft protection and to have an idea of the steps you can take toward fraud prevention. Here’s a crash course. Update Your Passwords Some passwords are easy for hackers to guess. So easy, in fact, that they’ve made a list of the most common passwords. Have you Read More…

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Credit Monitoring

What Is The Best Credit Monitoring Service? Here are Our Top 4 Picks

What Is The Best Credit Monitoring Service? Do you want to keep your identity secure? When you have your identity stolen it can be devastating. Both emotionally and financially. You should be using the right tools to protect your financial security. What is the best credit monitoring service? The Best Credit Monitoring Service is… There are a number of different companies to choose from. As a result, we have taken out the guesswork for you. Read on to find out! 1. Lifelock With Lifelock you will be alerted instantly of any potential identity threats. In addition, this will be via phone, email and text message. If you Read More…

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How to Protect Your Credit When You Marry Into Debt

How to Protect Your Credit The days of marrying into a financially stable relationship have come and gone. Finding a man or woman with a high credit rating is like finding a tiger in your backyard – it could happen, but it’s very unlikely. For instance, 86% of newlyweds (and those planning to get married within the year) plan to discuss finances before saying “I do”.  How important is it to have the debt talk and to discuss how to protect your credit when considering tying the knot? Let’s review what happens when you marry someone who is drowning in it. Read More…

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Credit Protection

What Is Credit Protection – 5 Tips You Need To Know

What Is Credit Protection – 5 Tips You Need To Know With everything so convenient, it might be easy to let credit protection become less of a priority. In truth, you couldn’t be making a bigger mistake. The convenience of mobile devices and shared networks mean that your information is less secure than it was before. Luckily, there are steps you can take to maximize your credit protection. Read on to discover what is credit protection and the 5 key tips you need to know to make sure your information stays private. Shop securely So what is credit protection and Read More…