what is credit card debt relief
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What is Credit Card Debt Relief? Here’s What You Need to Know

What is Credit Card Debt Relief? Here’s What You Need to Know There are a lot of funny tweets and memes about how millennials don’t have enough money to buy houses or cars — and with most of those jokes, the punchline is “avocado toast”. Unfortunately, debt is no laughing matter. Millennials, in particular, are not amused, as they owe some $1.1 billion in consumer debt — nearly a third of the nation’s total of $3.6 billion! If you are struggling to pay back lots of debt, you may have become intrigued by advertisements promising debt relief. But what is credit card debt relief, and Read More…

how to build credit fast
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How to Build Credit Fast When You Have No Credit History

How to Build Credit Fast With No Credit History Are you getting rejected applications by creditors due to your poor credit score? Read this article to find out how to build credit fast when you have zero credit history. Getting credit is tricky business. Without a credit history, it can be extremely difficult to obtain a loan, a credit card, or sometimes even an apartment. But how are you supposed to show that your responsible for making repayments if no one is willing to give you the credit in the first place? A bit of a catch-22, isn’t it? Definitely. But Read More…

how to get a credit card
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How To Get A Credit Card When You Have Bad Credit

How To Get A Credit Card When You Have Bad Credit So you have a bad credit score and wonder whether you stand a chance of getting a credit card.  Though this is not ideal, bad credit is by no means the end of the world. You can still apply and get approved for a credit card.  That said, you certainly need to do your due diligence before asking the bank for a second chance. Read on to find out how to get a credit card even when you have bad credit. 1. Know Your Credit Score Your credit score influences the credit card Read More…

Biggest Money Mistakes People Make
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Biggest Money Mistakes People Make – Avoid These 10 Credit Killers

Biggest Money Mistakes People Make A strong credit history is your lifeline to gaining affordable lending. It is of particular importance when making a major purchase such as a home. However, maintaining good credit requires making payments on time and avoid the biggest money mistakes people make. With good credit, you have much less to worry about when it comes to your finances. Unfortunately, there are far more credit killers than credit enhancers. Here are the 10 biggest money mistakes people make: Cosigning Signing as a joint borrower on a loan or credit card could potentially help your credit. Unfortunately, if the payment responsibility belongs to the primary Read More…

How to Manage My Credit
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How to Manage My Credit – Using These 5 Easy Steps

How to Manage My Credit Managing your credit is important in ensuring your financial security remains in a healthy condition. I learned how to manage my credit using 5 easy steps. It is a process that involves checking your credit report and setting alerts for all credit report activity. Additionally, you need to take measures to protect yourself from credit card fraud and identity theft. Here are the 5 steps: Get your free credit report Your credit report is available from three major credit reporting agencies in the country. These are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. All three agencies are required by law to Read More…

What Is In A Credit Report
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What Is In A Credit Report – Improve Your Credit Knowledge

What Is In A Credit Report Most consumers understand the importance of maintaining good credit. It provides opportunities to secure affordable financing for life’s major purchases, like a home, car, or unexpected expenses. However, knowing the information of what is in a credit report is just as important. The credit report is a document that holds most of your financial activity throughout the course of your life. The information included in it gives the credit reporting agencies the ability to determine your credit score. Therefore, lenders often use this score when making a decision about your ability to open and maintain a new account. Below details the framework of Read More…

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Improve Your Credit Standing – Know Your Credit Options

Know Your Credit Options Responsibly managing your money includes the use of credit. Using credit wisely involves making on-time payments, keeping a balanced mix of accounts and maintaining a good credit score.  These components are key to understanding how credit works and to help know your credit options. Consequently, good credit behavior is essential to financing a home, vehicle, getting car insurance, and securing a new job. With this in mind, we discuss where credit information comes from. In addition how scoring works, scores lenders use, and the types of data checked by credit reporting agencies. Credit Information Sources Everyone has a credit profile made up of information about their financial activities. In fact, information in a credit report is generated from the financial actions you engage in. In addition, credit reporting agencies gather information about Read More…