How to Find the Best Free Credit Repair Service With These Easy Tips

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How to Find the Best Free Credit Repair Service

How does your debt impact your life? The latest statistics show that the average credit card debt in America is rising at a rate of about 7 percent. Moreover, unresolved personal debt contributes to a lower credit score for the average American. Whether your financial issues stem from credit card debt, late payments, or even identity theft, you can recover from a bad credit score. Read on to learn how to find the right free credit repair service for you.

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Do It Yourself Solutions

What can you do to improve your own credit score?

Before you seek out a free credit repair service, try these few strategies to keep track of your credit score.

Check your Annual Credit Report

You can get one free credit report per year from each of the three credit bureaus in the US:

Be sure to download your report from each service. Each report has a different score listed. Certain delinquencies that may be on one report might not be listed on another.

Monitor Your Credit Score

Use a free credit repair service like Credit Karma to monitor your score more closely. This service also allows you unlimited access to summaries of your reports at no charge.

Dispute Errors

Do you have any disputable charges on your credit report?under construction sign

Perhaps you are a victim of identity theft. Someone has been using your credit without your knowledge. Consequently, this can drastically impact your score.

If you see charges on your report that are unfamiliar to you or which you’ve already settled, you can dispute them. For example, use a letter template to write a professional appeal against the questionable charges.

Open A No-Interest Credit Card

Once you settle all the charges on your credit report, you can boost your score by opening a no-interest credit card. Use it at the minimum monthly rate, and pay back exactly what you owe each month to leave a consistent track record. this solution takes time, but it’s a natural way to repair your credit score.

Get A Free Credit Repair Service

Do you feel lost when you think of keeping track of your credit?

Don’t worry, some companies can do the work for you. You can do the bare minimum in terms of looking at your score while leaving the rest up to your chosen company.

Services like Sky Blue Credit Repair(R) or

Lexington Law can dispute your negative credit on a legal basis. These companies offer free consultations, and they can work with debt collectors to erase the damaging charges completely.

Find A Reputable Service

It’s difficult to find a free credit repair service that does all the legwork to erase your bad credit. That being said, a reputable credit repair company won’t charge you at all before any work is done on your behalf.

Make sure that the company you choose follows the Credit Repair Organizations Act of 1997.

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Under this law, credit repair services:

  • Cannot charge you before performing their services as advertised.
  • Cannot ask you to lie to a credit bureau, or do so on your behalf.
  • Must offer a legitimate contract that states their services and charges.
  • Cannot tamper with your identity to improve your credit score.
  • Cannot make you sign a waiver against the Credit Repair organizations act.

You can find out whether the company you’re interested in meets all regulations and legal standards by visiting their website’s “about page.” Services which adhere to these regulations use them as an asset to gain customers.

Learn More About Your Options

Do you need more information about credit repair or debt in general?

Contact us to learn new strategies for managing your finances. Our goal is to inform you so that you can handle any debt-related issue that stands in your path to financial freedom.

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  1. Patrick,

    Great article on finding the best free credit repair service.

    It’s a sea of information out there and you provide some very good information for folks, making it much more simple and easy to wrap your head around.

    My brother is getting ready to file for a bankruptcy and honestly, had he read your article he would have saved himself about a week worth of research and frustration.

    I am going to share your website with him. Thanks again for the great information. Mat A.

    • Mat A,

      So true.  There is a great deal of information out there, so you have to do your research before making any life changing decisions.

      Sorry your brother had to go the long route before getting on track with his bankruptcy issues.  I’d suggest he consult a professional before making any major decisions when it comes to personal bankruptcy.

      Appreciate your insightful comments and thanks for sharing the site.


    • Very good information Patrick!

      You’ve done all the homework for anyone looking to repair their credit.

      I am currently going through this same dilemma, so I will be revisiting your website because you really gave very helpful information about how to find the best free credit repair service.

      You did the “brain work” for me…so thank you for that. I am so glad I found your website. The information is just what I needed. Great job!


      • My pleasure Yvonne!

        I’m happy to hear the article was helpful.

        When you run into credit problems and can’t handle them yourself it best to find an expert that can help you out.

        Their are lots of free credit repair services out there online.

        Take a look around and verify the credibility of the service before you commit to anything.

        If you need any help please contact me and I will be happy to assist.

        Best of luck,


  2. Hi

    I am in the repair process and have had a spike increase in my score after using a credit repair service. 

    Somehow I felt like I could have done some of that work myself. Do you believe that a person can do it alone or do you advise reaching out to a repair service? 

    I am still climbing but I get scared to try and open new accounts. When should I Try to open another credit account? 

    Thanks for the information, 


    • Shannon,

      It’s nice to hear you are on the right track.  When consumers run into credit problems their first stop is a credit repair service.  Some folks can’t deal with stress and time commitment it takes to repair their own credit.

      Having said that, I do believe it can be alone, but be prepared for the amount of effort and discipline it will take to succeed.  Here is a good post that will help you get started in the right direction.

      Do It Yourself Credit Repair

      As far as opening new credit accounts I would suggest applying for new accounts only after you have settled all charges on your credit report.

      Once you do, you can apply for and open a no interest credit card account, which will help boost your credit score.

      Make the minimum payments over time for exactly what you owe each month and over time you will build back up you credit score.

      Best No Interest Credit Card Deals

      Good luck!


  3. I love your post! Out of the three sites mentioned, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, which do you recommend? How accurate are the credit scores provided from credit karma? I’m considering signing up for credit karma but I’ve heard that it is just a rough estimate.

    • Hey Donald,

      Glad you loved the post.

      Good questions!

      Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are the big three credit reporting agencies. You can get a free credit report from each once a year. Order one every four months and that will cover you for the entire year. The idea is to get you credit report for free through them, instead of paying a service for it.

      Credit Karma uses the Vantage score system which isn’t as accurate as the FICO score. I’d sign up anyway, as it will give you a general idea of where you stand with your credit score. It’s free, so it’s really an easy decision.

      Other sources you might try is your credit card company. I know that American Express offers a free FICO score for Optima members. There are other credit card programs that offer this feature as well. Look at some of their cards and if they offer it, apply.



  4. These are some great actionable tips, and most of them are fairly easy to implement.

    It’s so important that everyone is aware of their credit, and how damaging it can be when left unattended. 

    Thankfully I am not to this point yet. However I have several family members that I wish had access to this information.

    I am working hard to do my research so I won’t end up going down the same road.

    Thanks for this article, and the helpful links.

    • Hi Breanne – Thanks for your positive comments.

      I think there is a trend today of people being more aware of their credit. Which is a good thing. 

      Like you point out, if consumers don’t do a good job of maintaining their credit and leave it unattended, bad things will happen to their personal credit standing

      If you have family members that have credit problems and require a free credit repair service to assist them, please share this post with them.  It could get them on the right track when it comes to their credit.

      If they have any questions, I would be more than happy to assist them.

      Keep up the good work with educating yourself about healthy credit habits.  Bookmark and stop by the site more often to get great information about maintaining good credit.


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