How To Check Your Credit Score Online – 3 Smart Incredibly Useful Tips

How To Check Your Credit Score Online

How To Check Your Credit Score Online

Your credit score is an ever-important number. You need it to obtain a good fixed mortgage rate, purchase a car with affordable financing, and much more. It’s also subject to change depending on your habits.  With all the ups and downs, do you know what your credit score is? This post will show you three incredibly useful tips on how to check your credit score online.Check Your Credit Score Online

Check Your Credit Score Online

Have you ever paid to check your credit score? If you answered yes, bad news. You’ve been had. In this day and age, technology has made it simple for anyone to check their credit score online, for free.

Keep reading for the three best ways to keep track of your credit score.

Utilize your existing credit cards and bank accounts

Chances are, you already have easy access to your credit score in your wallet.

Many credit cards such as Barclay Arrival, Citi Double Cash Card and Bank of America Travel Rewards (just to name a few), give you access to your FICO credit score on their mobile app or site.

Chase recently premiered “Credit Journey” a fantastic tool that allows you to view weekly updates, get your credit score and even calculate “what-if” scenarios. Credit Journey is also free, so get on it!

Check Your Credit Score Online

However, be mindful; these companies may give you your score from just one credit reporting agency, so be sure to check out your free, full credit report yearly (more on that later.)

Third Party Services

These may be one of the most commonly used methods consumers use to check their score. In the past, these third-party services would offer a free-trial but auto-enroll you and charge each month.

Many services have moved away from that practice, making this a viable way to check your credit score online, painlessly.

To name a few, Credit Karma, Quizzle and Credit Sesame all offer their services free of charge. Some even will give you a more in-depth look at your credit history.

Another great app is Mint, a budgeting tool that you link to your accounts so it can “watch” where you spend money. In fact, it allows you to see where you can tighten up your budget and where you can spend.

Even better, it now allows you access to your credit score. The app is free, but if you love it, you can upgrade to the premium service for a fee.

Annual Report

Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, everyone is entitled to a free and full credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies.

The only hitch is you can only request a free report once a year. Furthermore, if you are looking to make a big purchase soon, such as a house, it may be best to get all three at once to get the best picture of your credit history. If you’re just checking in on your history, it would be wise to try and spread them out a bit.

Check Your Credit Score Online

The full reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax give you an in-depth look at your credit history to help explain your credit score. So, if your credit score shows where you stand now, your credit report shows how you got there.

With so many ways available on how to check your credit score online, there’s no excuse to not be on top of your finance game. If you have a good score, stay educated to keep that score high.  If your number isn’t so great, there are plenty of ways to boost it.

The first step to maintaining a good score is to stay informed!

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