How to Get Car Insurance Quotes Online – It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

how to get car insurance quotes online

How to Get Car Insurance Quotes Online

Perhaps you’re a new driver, or maybe you’re not pleased with your current car insurance.  Either way, you’ve heard that more and more people are shopping online for affordable coverage—in fact, 74% of consumers went online to shop for car insurance in 2016—and now you’re wondering how to get car insurance quotes online.  Wonder no more.  Read on for tips on how to get car insurance quotes online.

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There are several big-name car insurance companies that have staked their reputations on their ability to offer virtual quotes.

They tend to offer car insurance at a lower price than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, which works out great for consumers looking for a cheap and convenient way to get coverage.

To start shopping for car insurance quotes online, you’ll need to collect some background information first.

Most car insurance companies will ask the same basic questions.

Car insurance companies collect specific tidbits of information about you that directly affect your car insurance quotes.

That’s because they tell car insurance providers something about the risk associated with offering you coverage.

Insurance providers prefer to extend coverage to low-risk people, so if you meet some high-risk checkboxes, be prepared to pay extra on your monthly premiums.

So what do they need to know about you?

Your age and gender.

Males age 16 to 19 are twice as likely to die in a car accident than any other age or gender group, which means they cost more to insure and they tend to pay higher premiums. That said, your personal driving record plays a bigger role in your insurance coverage than your census checkbox does.

Where you live.

Urban drivers usually pay more than their rural brethren. Local car theft and vandalism trends can also drive prices up, as can extreme weather conditions.

Your credit history.

A good credit score makes you a low-risk candidate for insurance, which will earn you lower insurance quotes.

Your driving record.

Previous accidents and traffic violations will bring your premiums up. Your rates may also be high if you’re a new driver since providers can’t take a peek into your past habits.

Your car.

If you drive a model that is commonly stolen or costs a lot of money to repair, your rates will likely be higher.

Once you have that information handy, you’re ready to start shopping.

Shop (online) till you drop.

The ability to shop around is a key component of understanding how to get car insurance quotes online, so be prepared to do a lot of it if you want the best deal.

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So do some searching and get ready to plug in your personal information for your quotes.

Some companies may ask for an email address before they’ll talk numbers, so be sure you’re working with reputable providers before offering your info.

Save time by visiting a comparison website for car insurance

A car insurance comparison website pulls quotes from a variety of sources and compiles them all into an easily comparable list.

That makes it easier to compare and contrast before you pick your policy.

Think before you commit to a plan.

Your car insurance is a major part of your financial health, so take the time to consider the ins and outs of each plan before signing on the dotted line.

To make your final decision, you should take more into account than just the monthly premium.

If you plan on doing a lot of highway driving, you may want to pay a higher price tag for extra collision coverage.

Remember, car accidents are more likely to happen between 3 and 6 p.m. on weekdays. Even if you’re a great driver, it makes sense to be prepared for that rush hour chaos.

Similarly, if you know you’ll be doing some high-risk driving, you may want to choose a plan with higher monthly premiums and a lower deductible.

If chances are high that you’ll have to make an insurance claim, you’ll be thankful for that you have to pay less up front for vehicle repairs.

These Car Insurance Quotes Are Too Darn High

So what happens if you shopped around and your car insurance quotes are still too high? You have a couple of options to make the numbers work for your budget.

how to get car insurance quotes online

1. Bundle Up

Consider bundling together other forms of insurance on one plan from a single provider.

Chances are you’re already paying someone for your homeowner’s, renter’s, or even pet insurance, so why not simplify the process by switching all of your accounts to one provider?

Many online car insurance companies offer a variety of insurance plans to their customers and you may be able to score some serious savings by consolidating all of them under a single company.

Bundling has the added bonus of simplifying your monthly payment schedule, too.

2. Look Closer for Discounts

If you meet some special circumstances, you may be eligible for more discounts from specific car insurance providers.

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Drive very little throughout the year? That could be a discount.

Avoided an accident for five or more years? That could be a discount.

Taken defensive driving? It’s finally paying off because that could be a discount.

Look closer and you may be able to make your good driving habits work for you.

3. Work on That Credit Score

If a less-than-stellar credit score is affecting your ability to save on car insurance, it might be worth it to wait until you’ve had time to build it back up.

Just be aware: Almost every state requires that drivers carry some form of car insurance.

If you do opt to wait until your numbers are on the up and up, you need to make other arrangements to get you from point A to B.

4. Focus on the Future

A poor driving record coupled with a low credit score can really drive up your car insurance premiums.

If you can’t do without driving, it may make sense to make other sacrifices in your budget to afford a higher premium.

You can always shop around for new quotes once you get a few wrinkles ironed out. Just maintain a clean driving record and work on that credit score before hitting the online marketplace again.

For more information on how to get car insurance quotes online, visit Credit Squared.

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  1. Hi Patrick

    Really fantastic information and tips. I think if people considered tip #4 (focus on the future) seriously, they can save themselves quite a bit of stress later on. But that’s not often the case so some of them wreck their credit without even thinking twice about it. Then comes the heartache, when they have to pay much more than everyone else for certain services, like car insurance.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for commenting on the post. You are quite correct in your observation that many people destroy their credit, then have to pay up for everything including car insurance. To be a successful consumer of credit, one has to be fully aware of the implications of over spending, not paying bills on time and taking on more credit than one can handle. The future impact of bad financial decisions can be financially devastating, as it can hamper one’s ability to save for the future and live comfortably.



      Credit Squared

  2. You mentioned that your driving habits have more of an impact on the rates that one pays. If you have previous accidents, how long do you have to drive accident free and I suppose ticket free before I can negotiate a rate with an auto insurance company? If I had been accident free for six years after an accident, would I be able to negotiate and say I am a much safer driver now?


    • Hi Jessie,

      Thanks for commenting. Actually it depends on the auto insurance company and how much risk they are willing to accept. Even if you have a traffic violation or a recent accident, some insurance companies may still be willing to negotiate with you. You just have to shop around.

      Typically it depends on the degree of the infraction how long a ticket stays on your record. In most cases it’s 3-5 years and for reckless driving it could be much longer 10-15 years. If you are outside of the 3-5 range and have no reckless driving infractions, you should be able to negotiate freely. Before you start shopping around it may be a good idea to check with the DMV in your state to determine their record retention rules.

      Good luck


  3. Thank you for the info. I personally thought about online shopping but father to frustrating so I just went to the local cheap Mexican car insurance place and took the cheapest that I could get. Unfortunately that means that if I have any kind of accidents I have to pay $1000 in order to get any help from the insurance. I also only get one screw up in terms of dead battery for tires etc. I am definitely considering changing because the price is really high and they don’t really offer very much. Do certain accidents go away or at least they are not seen after three years? I remember that they asked me about them in the past three years and I think if that is true I should be able to get something better soon

    • Hi Adriana – Usually 3-5 years and if you have a reckless driving incident on your record it could be much longer. It really depends on the auto insurer, as they all have different risk profiles. Some insurance companies may be willing to take on more risk than others.

      So shop around if you haven’t had an accident in a while. You may be able to find better less costly auto coverage some where else. Check with your State DMV. They should be able to give a more definitive answer on how long an accident stays on your record.


  4. Hi Patrick!

    It’s sad how many people take these kind of things lightly, since they’re very important.

    The fact that you can save a lot of money and still get the best conditions and coverage is something to take into account when looking for the right insurance for you.

    Thanks for the tips! Very helpful! 🙂

    • Hi Israel – Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes I would agree, people take these things too lightly and end up paying extra for all kinds of things including auto insurance.

      We all make mistakes and accidents can happen. However if we think about the things we can control, like paying our bills on time, managing credit wisely and driving responsibly we should be able to find and negotiate the best rates possible.

      Glad I could help out.


  5. You give great information here, I have bookmarked this website!

    I always get my car insurance quotes online, using price comparison sites can help you find the best deal. I agree with what you’ve said, looking at the details can make a difference and there are things you can do to get an eve cheaper car insurance quote.

    For example, many companies give you a discount if you have a steering lock on at night, park in a garage or driveway rather than the street etc. So its worth thinking about what you can do to save yourself more money.

    I noticed a big drop in my car insurance rates when I turned 26. It turns out I’m on the older, mature group now! 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I appears from your comment that you have things well under control when it comes to getting the best pricing on car insurance.

      You are correct when you say that many insurance companies provide discounts for being a safety conscious driver.

      In addition to the protection features you mentioned, it also includes installing an alarm system or an electronic tracking device in case your car gets broken into or stolen.

      It’s good to hear you are now in the senior circuit and are reaping the benefits of lower rates at the age of 26.

      Thanks for commenting


      Credit Squared

  6. My 2 most recent car insurance provider changes have been because of adding a new teen driver to the mix and just plain getting a better rate for what they where offering. I did not go the online quote route but rather called each company respectively which of course takes time but I felt I was able to talk to a human. I do like the idea though for going online for initial quotes and then maybe being able to narrow down which companies I should be focusing on. You mentioned comparison websites. Do you have any that you suggest or have come across?

    • Hi Jen – Thanks for commenting. Sounds to me like you are a smart shopper by calling around and getting quotes.

      I my opinion the best way is to comparison shop via online quotes. In the end when you have identified an insurer you like, you can talk directly to a human.

      There are a number of online websites out there like and others that will give you several quotes to work with. If you prefer to compare sites first, just do a Google search for car insurance comparison websites and select a site you feel most comfortable with.

      Good luck


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