Online Credit Repair Services: 10 Crucial Clues You Need To Use One

fix your credit with online credit repair services

You Can Benefit From Online Credit Repair Services

About 33 percent of Americans have a credit score lower than 601 – which, according to Experian, is the difference between bad and fair credit. Only a small percentage of Americans have downright bad credit. As you grow older and start to become more financially independent, you realize that having a good credit score is one of the most important things an adult can have. But life happens, and you may find yourself with bad credit. The good news is regardless of your score right now, the good news is there are steps you can take to make it better. Keen to learn more? Keep reading, because we’re telling you how to know it’s time to start benefiting from online credit repair services.

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1. Your Loan Application Was Denied

78 percent of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75 percent in 2016.

If you’re in this population, you’re certainly going to need a personal loan to offset a financial emergency at some point.

Unfortunately, and to your shock, your loan application is denied! How can this happen and you have proof of income? You start wondering.

One of the primary reasons commercial lenders reject loan application is the borrower’s low credit rating. If you make an inquiry and ensure that indeed your application was rejected because of your score, it’s time to seek online credit repair services.

2. Your Credit Limit Got Cut

Maybe your bank has always given you a $5,000 line of credit. Then you get a notification that it’s cutting limit to $2,500 or even less.

You may not immediately get alarmed because banks can reduce your credit limit for various reasons. One, the bank could be in financial distress, so it’s taking steps to reduce its liabilities. Two, it could be a mistake on the bank’s end!

Or three, it could be your declining credit score.

Whatever the reason, a reduced credit card limit could be a sign you need online credit repair services. Of course, the smart thing to do is call the bank and establish what’s going on.

Sometimes a bank may not cut your limit, but increase your interest rate. This is also a sign your credit score needs repair.

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3. Your Payments Are Late – and It’s Becoming a Habit

It’s not a financial mistake to make late payments on what you owe a couple of days late. Your landlord and other creditors probably understand that sometimes your paycheck may be late. The worst that can happen is you’re fined.

However, when your payments are regularly late, or when you miss making them for a couple of months, your creditors may report you to credit rating agencies.

Consequently, your credit score will take a hit.

It can be easy to overlook checking your score, especially if you were going through a short rough financial patch that’s now well behind you. Don’t make this mistake. Staying on top of your exact score is the best way to know whether you need online credit repair services.

4. You’re Finding Trouble Renting an Apartment

In a lifetime, the average American moves about 11 times!

If you haven’t moved in the last few years, your time to move is coming soon. Perhaps you’ll be changing jobs, heading to a city closer to your parents, or you just want to start a new life.

Inevitably, you’ll need to rent a new apartment. This is where the trouble begins. No landlord wants you as a tenant. You have no criminal record. So, what’s the reason?

A bad credit could be the reason. Landlords routinely screen tenant’s creditworthiness to determine whether they will be able to comfortably afford their rent, as well as make timely payments.

Take those landlord rejection letters as an opportunity to check your score and, if necessary, seek online credit repair services.

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5. Your Car Insurer Want’s You to Pay Higher Premiums

Buying and owning a car is typically a pleasant experience. You are able to run your errands and commute to work more conveniently.

For some car owners, however, the experience can quickly turn into a costly affair. And here is how it happens.

You go to renew your insurance, or you’ve bought a new car that needs insurance, and to your shock, your insurer hits you with higher premiums.

Now, there are reasons an auto insurer may decide to charge you higher premiums. Your car could be costly to buy, you’re a high-risk driver or, you guessed it, your credit score isn’t looking good.

If your guess is correct, don’t hesitate to seek online credit repair services.

6. You Can’t Get a Cellphone Contract Without Security Deposit

It’s not uncommon for people to enter into service contracts with cellphone careers. Often, it’s the quickest and most convenient way to get the cellular service that suits your needs, as well as the cellphone you want.

If you have a high credit score, this should be a straightforward process. The cellphone carrier is confident you’ll be able to afford your payments.

But when you have a bad credit score, the carrier may decline your application outright, or approve it on condition that you pay up a security deposit.

It’s easy to feel like you’re being discriminated, but providers have a right to offer or deny a service depending on your financial standing.

Don’t be disappointed, though. Grab the opportunity as a challenge to improve your credit score and stand a better chance next time.

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7. Many People/Organizations Are Requesting Your Credit Report

You already know that when you apply for a credit, the lender will request your credit report.

Beyond commercial lenders, insurance providers, landlords, employers and even family members may want to access your credit report.

These inquiries are recorded on your report, but only lender inquiries are shown to other lenders and providers of financial services. Inquiries by employers and the like are only shown to you.

What this means is you can use the number of businesses that are accessing your credit report as an indicator of whether you need online credit repair services.

If many lenders have accessed your report in the past few months, for instance, it usually means you have made many applications for credit within a short period. And many credit applications mean you’re likely in financial distress.

8. Nobody Wants to Co-Sign a Loan for You

A lender is willing to give you a loan, but you need one or two people to co-sign it for you.

A co-signer is a person who’s willing to guarantee your debt. If you’re unable to repay it, the lender will go after the co-signer!

It, therefore, makes sense for anyone you approach to be a co-signer to be reluctant unless they’re very certain of your financial health.

In fact, if you find that a family member or a close friend has recently accessed your credit, there’s a good chance you asked them to co-sign your loan!

Then it happens that nobody wants to co-sign your loan. Can you connect any dots here?

Yes. If this is happening to you, you probably need online credit repair services.

9. Debt Collectors Are on Your Neck

By the time you start getting calls from debt collection agencies, you must have left your creditors with no choice but to hand your account over.

You see, businesses have to pay debt collection agencies for their services. It’s an expense they want to avoid unless it’s really the only way to get you to pay up what you owe.

Also, a business that has taken this measure won’t shy away from forwarding the details of troublesome clients to credit rating agencies. When this happens, your score will tank.

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10. You Can’t Get a Financial-Related Job

Did you study finance in college? Some of the jobs you can get include personal finance advisor, financial analyst, and loan officer.

You had excellent grades but, somehow, no employer wants to hire you for any of these positions.

Stop wondering why. It’s probably high time you scrutinized your credit report and sought online credit repair services.

And the reason is simple. When hiring for a financial position, employers want to hire somebody who not only possesses the right professional knowledge, but also discipline in their personal finances.

Assume you applied to be a loan officer, do you think a bank will fancy you if you have a bad credit rating? No way!

Online Credit Repair Services Can Help Your Score Rise

Evidently, life can be difficult if you’ve bad credit in this economy. From commercial lenders and utility service providers to employers and even family members, you’ll quickly realize nobody wants to enter into any financial agreement with you.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost.

Hiring an online credit repair service is an effective way to fix your score, and get your personal finances back on track.

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  1. Some of the side affects you listed have happened to me in the past.

    It sucks when personal credit isn’t that great; everything becomes ten times as hard. 

    Buying a car, getting loans and apartments are just three complicated things to acquire with bad credit.

    I’ve used online credit repair services and it’s raised my credit by removing bad items.

    It’s well worth it to repair your credit, including using the online programs available.

    • Hi – Thanks for your comments.

      I can definitely understand the trials and tribulations of getting your credit straight when you run into trouble from bad financial decisions from the past.

      In my career I have seen many consumers get turned down for not having their financial affairs in order.

      Online credit repair services can help, but many people that face debt problems can take the right steps on their own to begin the process of financial healing.

      If you need to use an online credit repair service, make sure you understand what the service will provide and the costs you will incur.

      Glad to hear your experience with a credit repair service was helpful,

      All the best,



  2. Hi Patrick,

    What you have discussed about having a good credit score and not to apply for too many loans at once is very educational..

    Paying your bills on time seems quite a lot, but now I realize it is necessary if we want to get approved for financing.

    What I’ve learned from your post about online credit repair services, is achieving a good credit score is a vital part of getting approved for a loan.

    Thanks for this valuable info,Patrick.

    • Thanks for your comment Sonny,

      When you run into serious credit trouble the best approach is to find professional help.There are many online credit repair services that can assist.

      The 10 clues that you need online credit repair services should be flashing red to you that the time is now.

      All of the things that you point out about paying your bills on time and maintaining a good credit score are key ingredients to getting back on track.

      Sometimes to get there you need experts that can get you headed in the right direction.

      If you find that you are not achieving the progress you hoped for, please email me or comment and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

      Best of luck,


  3. Patrick, 

    Reading through this article brought back so many bad memories! I got my credit card limit reduced once and that really woke me up.

    Kids today have no idea how bad it can get with poor credit scores. Not being able to get a cell phone contract without a security deposit, I’m sure would really hit home with them.

    Like you pointed out, education is the best thing anyone can do to grow out of this credit nightmare that so many of us have been through.

    Thank you for what you are doing. 


    • Hi Clay,

      Anyone that’s been around for a while will remember when some of these 10 clues reared it’s ugly head.  Most of them happened when we were young and hopefully we have learned from those mistakes.

      If you have most of the these things going on in your financial life right now, you may need to start researching online credit repair services. It can be an effective way to fix your credit and get you headed in the right direction financially.

      If you get anything out of this post, pay attention to the discussion about how employers are now checking your credit when applying for a job.

      Why Employers Check Your Credit

      Having bad credit can ruin your professional career, particularly for those who work in financial related jobs.

      All the best,


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