The Top Car Lease Deals – Save Money With These Winning Tactics

the top car lease deals

The Top Car Lease Deals

If you’re considering car lease deals you know it can be confusing. Dealerships lure you in with great deals. Then you study the fine print and realize it’s based on high delivery fees and low annual mileage. But there are ways to make sure you’re getting the top car lease deals.

the top car lease deals

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be driving away in a winner:

Choose Wisely

A lease is only as good as the car it is financing. You want to shop for the best quality vehicle you can afford.

Choose makes and models that hold their value and you will be getting the most our of your lease investment.

Compare Invoice Price

Once you know the car you want it’s important to shop around. But it can be difficult to compare costs with cars.

With different options, it isn’t as easy as just looking at price. And with leasing you need to factor in delivery fee, mileage, and maintenance responsibility.

Start by finding out the invoice price to the dealer. Using the invoice price of each vehicle as a starting point will let you know how much the dealer is marking it up.

That way you’ll know exactly which dealer is competing with their best offer.

Leave The Leasing Until Last

When you choose your car and pin down the price don’t mention leasing until the end. You want to get the best price possible before you discuss the lease option.

men in negotiation process

That way you can negotiate the down payment and delivery fee based on the best price.

Factor In Insurance

Don’t make the same mistake many auto shoppers make. They fail to factor in their insurance payments when considering car lease deals.

The truth is your car dealer won’t encourage you to factor in the insurance. They are trying to make a sale.

But your make, model, and year will affect insurance costs. Before you pick a car shop for insurance first.

There are many ways to get good deals on insurance. But the best lease deal is not great if you have to fork out big money on insurance.

Ask For Delivery For The Best Car Lease Deals

The day you go to pick up your car is one of the worst days for an auto customer. The dealership pulls out the heavy guns to upsell you.

You will often have to wait around, meet with the sales manager, and navigate an obstacle course to get out the door.

Avoid the hassle by insisting your dealer delivers the car.

Double Check The Contract

Before you sign make sure you understand the contract. It’s essential that the terms you agreed to are reflected in the agreement.

consumer reviewing lease contract

In addition, many leases have steep penalties for cancellation. In addition, there are different responsibilities between driver and dealership.

Don’t take the maintenance for granted. Know your responsibilities in adhering to the lease and double check the contract before you sign.

Leasing Versus Buying

Still wondering if leasing or buying is the best option for your personal needs? While there are a number of ways to get the top car lease deals, some consumers still prefer to own.

It can be expensive to terminate a lease. Some shoppers prefer to own their car at the end of the finance agreement.

If you aren’t sure which is right for you, we can help.

Credit Squared helps consumers make the best personal decisions surrounding their finance options.

Click here now to read our guide on the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying.


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