What Is The Best Credit Monitoring Service? Here are Our Top 4 Picks

what is the best credit monitoring service

What Is The Best Credit Monitoring Service?

Do you want to keep your identity secure? When you have your identity stolen it can be devastating. Both emotionally and financially. You should be using the right tools to protect your financial security. What is the best credit monitoring service?

What Is The Best Credit Monitoring Service

The Best Credit Monitoring Service is…

There are a number of different companies to choose from. As a result, we have taken out the guesswork for you.

Read on to find out!

1. Lifelock

With Lifelock you will be alerted instantly of any potential identity threats. In addition, this will be via phone, email and text message.

If you do happen to fall victim they have a locally based Identity Restoration Specialist available to help you to piece everything back together.

man hacking online information

Even better, any money stolen will be replaced.

What makes this the best credit monitoring service is their ability to scan a trillion data points every day. As a result, this allows them to keep on top of any threats.

This is a company who pride themselves on protecting, alerting and restoring for their customers.

It is a full service and the company has a long list of happy subscribers.

Memberships start from $8.99 a month.

You Can also Try

2. Credit Sesame

The beauty of Credit Sesame is that it is entirely free. There is no credit card required.

This software will let you know your credit score which will help you with any potential loans. You can manage your credit quickly and efficiently.

This credit monitoring is updated on a daily basis.

In addition, if you have your identity stolen they offer fraud insurance. In fact, it isn’t as heavy duty as some of the others on our list but is a good starting point.

What Is The Best Credit Monitoring Service3. Identity Guard

Identity Guard has been operating for over 20 years. Most of all, it is comparable to Lifelock in terms of what it can do for you.

They are continuously monitoring and offer alerts whenever anything suspicious happens.

Every quarter you will be able to access credit reports and you will have significant insurance for any stolen funds.

Identity Guard has a reputation for excellent customer service.

There is the option to try before you buy with a 30-day trial available.

4. TransUnion

TransUnion is another popular option. They offer free identity protection and access to your credit score.

This is unlimited and can be used as soon as you verify your details.

You can even lock your report via your phone so no one can access it. Furthermore, when you are ready to take out a loan, you can easily unlock it again.

What Is The Best Credit Monitoring Service

This service will make it difficult for someone to take out loans or make purchases in your name.

Knowing your credit score will help you to build your credit in the right ways.

There is a service for both personal and business use.

Before using any credit monitoring services please read the terms and conditions carefully.

So, what is the best credit monitoring service? Would you consider one of these to be the best? Or is there something else you depend on?

We would love to hear about your experiences, please leave us a comment below with any feedback.

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  1. Very helpful post about the best credit monitoring service. I have to say you did a good job of identifying the best services available. I recognize many of these brands.

    In my opinion this article provides some great information for those who need help with identity theft protection.

    You’ve helped me gain some great insights that will help me keep my accounts safe. 

    Of the services you reviewed, which service do think is the best?

    • Hey Josh,

      Thanks for the positive comments about the article. I’m very pleased you found it helpful.

      There are a lot of good credit monitoring services out there, but I have found that LifeLock in one of the best. It’s any easy service to get started with and is now affiliated with Norton Security 

      The service monitors any threats and if your identity is stolen they will do all the work to fix it.  The price is reasonable at $9.99 month for LifeLock Standard.

      At $9.99 a month that’s about $120 year.  If that doesn’t fit into your budget there is a cheaper way.  If you don’t use a lot of credit, it may just pay to just freeze your credit accounts.

      It costs around $10 per agency and you pay that amount each time you freeze or unfreeze your credit accounts.

      Again, if you don’t use a lot of credit it can be a low cost strategy.  However, if you’re a heavy user of credit, it’s probably best to find a credit monitoring service you like and trust to monitor the activity in your accounts.


  2. It took me quite a long time to get the idea of how beneficial credit can be. It took me even longer to understand how important it is to protect my credit with a credit monitoring service. 

    Once you have good credit, you don’t want to ruin it by being inattentive.  I appreciate your review of the best credit monitoring services.

    I personally really like Credit Sesame, as they do not require a credit card and it really is absolutely free.

    What would you recommend for someone who is looking to buy a house and needs to get pre-approval from a bank?

    • Once you have good credit you certainly want to keep it that way.  That’s why I recommend a good credit monitoring service to help you protect it.

      Even websites like Credit Sesame can help you monitor your credit score.  They even have a free level of identity theft protection and they will help you out if your identity is ever stolen.

      If you’re looking at buying a home, getting a mortgage pre-approval is essential.  You don’t want to be house shopping, find the home of your dreams, then come to find out you can’t get financing.

      I’d check with your local bank or credit union first to see what rates they offer and if you can get pre-approved.  You can also shop online at places like Bankrate.com and get offers and pre-approvals from lenders who advertise there.

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